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The words of my favorite bible verses often echo in my mind, not because I walk around exuding love all of the time, but because I need these words to remind me of what love truly is. It is so easy to forget these days because in our society, the month of February (Valentine’s Day in particular) is often synonymous with the word love, but so often it fails to give us a true demonstration of what love is. Instead, it leaves those without a mate feeling unloved, and those who do have a significant other feeling like they don’t have enough love. If society is to claim that demonstrating love is buying your loved one a dazzling piece of jewelry or a bouquet of roses, then what the Bible tells us love truly means is often forgotten and each of us stands to gain very little from this worldly-based definition of love. Our views are then conformed to this false idea and it becomes difficult to see what is right in front of us.

I took the month of February off from writing here and dedicated much of my time to relearning and applying the biblical definition of love. I didn’t do it for myself or to have an experience to ponder on and write about either. I did it for my children. At ages five and eight, my children are often the motivation for what I do. I know my time to teach them and demonstrate to them what living by faith looks like is very limited, so I often find myself trying to focus my mind on ways to make these truths real to them, so that they will carry them in their hearts to wherever God leads them.

During the month of February I finally stepped out in faith and started something God had placed in my heart to do several years ago. For many years God has brought to my attention in various ways the hurting children in our country who are in foster care. When we came to live in Texas I assumed that the foster care system would be better here because we live in a state with a lot of resources and great wealth. I assumed wrong.

My jaw just dropped as I drove my children to school one morning and heard on the radio that there are approximately 28,000 children in the foster care system here in Texas. Unfortunately, the foster care system has failed them and many of these children suffer further abuse at the hands of those who are suppose to care for them in the most crucial time of their lives. Some children are sleeping at CPS offices because their social worker cannot find a place for them to live. Other children are forced into mental health institutions only to be heavily medicated for the rest of their lives. This is happening. To children. In the place that I call home. The words of John 3:16 rushed into my thoughts almost immediately as I prayed for God’s wisdom over all that I had heard:

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

God so loved the world. The world. These children are the world. These children are right here in my community, longing to be loved, longing to know a love like God’s.

I spent most of February baking. I love to bake and have been blessed with an opportunity to do it as a hobby. I enjoy everything about baking and want to make it possible for every child in the foster care system to enjoy something as simple as a birthday cake with their name on it. I want them to know that they are loved, even if the people in their lives have failed them.

As time passed, God gave me a vision for this project. He gave me a name for it and He is leading me very slowly through this process. I’m not sure how far it will go or what the details are yet. It may change and take on a new direction as time passes, but I pray that I will remain steadfast throughout the process.

For now, I introduce my new project and humbly ask for your prayers for these hurting children and for me as I continue to step out in faith each day.


You Are Loved Desserts is committed to raising awareness and donating 50% of each sale to local non-profit organizations that support foster care children in Texas. 


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