Hope in the Hopeless

Let us hold,

I’ve been a Texan ever since I was a little girl. Even when I relocated to another state, I’ve never felt more at home than here in Texas. There’s just something about the people, the diverse cultures and the changing landscape that make living in Texas such a delight.

Today, as I watch the news coverage on Hurricane Harvey and how it has left an indelible mark on part of this beautiful state and its lovely people, I am once again reminded of how truly unique Texas is. Yes, I mourn with every person who has been displaced from their home and neighborhood. They have lost all of their material possessions, and their futures are uncertain.  Although the fear and confusion that I see on their faces is hard to watch, I choose to focus instead on the outpouring of help and prayers that I’ve witnessed over the last few days. This choice is necessary and it makes me think that if we all can continue to focus our attention on the good that we see surrounding this hopeless situation that we will see God’s promises triumph over all.

His promises to restore us and never forsake us are as true today as they were before the storm.

And because His promises are still true today, then those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey can place their hope and trust in God.

As they begin to pick up the broken pieces and rebuild, I pray that they will remember that God is with them. His Word says that He goes before us and never leaves us (Deuteronomy 31:8). Most of all, I pray that God will give them the strength to hold on to Him and His promises. To look for Him in the faces of those volunteers who are working hard to help everyone, in their neighbors who are offering shelter from the storm, in the total stranger who is providing a way out for those who are stranded, in the little girl who is collecting money and items to send to those most in need, in the public officials who are working non-stop to rescue people stuck in their homes and the hundreds of people who have gathered in their churches to pray for them.

May they never forget that wherever love is in this hopeless situation, God is there because He is love.  And He triumphs over all.

Walking in Grace,
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